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FlashForge Guider IIs V2 HT

R33,999.00 R31,999.00
With large building volume and multiple nozzle diameter options, Guider IIs can meet diversity printing demands of high strength and conventional filaments in offices, schools and industries. Adopting air filtration...
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Raise 3D Printer E2

An easy-to-use, durable desktop 3D printer ready to improve precision standards, scale production, and add a powerful new manufacturing resource.
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Raise 3D PRO 2 PLUS 3D Printer

Born from the drive for absolute quality, the Pro2 Plus refines 3D printing for production grade environments. Upgrading and evolving traditional manufacturing.
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Raise 3D PRO 2 3D Printer

Competitive and scalable; the Pro2 3D printer improves upon it’s award winning predecessor and provides the next generation of performance
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R34,999.00 R27,999.00
FlashForge Guider is a professional FFF 3D printer. This plug-and-play printer has built up a trustworthy and reliable reputation for its output and functionality. Fully enclosed, heated build bed, full...
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Creality LD-003 Resin Printer

R25,999.00 R24,999.00
Large size photosensitive resin printer with 8.9-inch HD LCD screen. Precision drive system, autonomous edge anti-aliasing algorithm, precision up to 20 microns, and the surface is smooth and reflective. Parallel...
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